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作为一款免费的多语言(支持包括简体中文在内的26种语言)系统优化和隐私保护工具,CCleaner 主要用来清除Windows系统不再使用的垃圾文件,以腾出更多硬盘空间。CCleaner 另一大功能是清除使用者的上网记录,且同时支持IE、Firefox、Chrome、Opera。CCleaner的体积小,运行速度极快,可以对临时文件夹、历史记录、回收站等进行垃圾清理,并可对注册表进行垃圾项扫描、清理。附带软件卸载功能。

近日CCleaner软件官方发布了最新的CCleaner 5.32.6129版本,CCleaner 5.32.6129主要新增了以下特性:

CCleaner 5.32.6129 (11 July 2017):

Browser Cleaning

Updated Firefox History cleaning definitions to correctly remove items with associated favicons

Updated Chrome History cleaning definitions to restore removal of ‘Other Search Engines’

Restored support for cleaning ‘Last download location’ in Edge

Restored support for cleaning ‘Last download location’ in Firefox

Windows Cleaning

‘Recent Documents’ rule no longer removes items that have been ‘pinned’ in MS Office applications

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