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PuTTY是一个Telnet、SSH、rlogin、纯TCP以及串行接口连接软件,它可以连接上支持 SSH Telnet 协议的站点,并且可自动取得对方的系统指纹码 (Fingerprint).建立联机以后,所有的通讯内容都是以加密的方式传输,因此你再也不用害怕使用 Telnet 在 Internet 或公司的内部网络传输资料时被他人获知内容了.文章源自堕落的鱼-https://www.duoluodeyu.com/2294.html

近日,PuTTY在其官方网站发布了最新版本:PuTTY beta 0.67。PuTTY beta 0.67主要更新了以下内容:文章源自堕落的鱼-https://www.duoluodeyu.com/2294.html

1、Security fix: a buffer overrun in the old-style SCP protocol when receiving the header of each file downloaded from the server is fixed. See vuln-pscp-sink-sscanf.文章源自堕落的鱼-https://www.duoluodeyu.com/2294.html

2、Windows PuTTY now sets its process ACL more restrictively, in an attempt to defend against malicious other processes reading sensitive data out of its memory.文章源自堕落的鱼-https://www.duoluodeyu.com/2294.html

3、Assorted other robustness fixes for crashes and memory leaks.文章源自堕落的鱼-https://www.duoluodeyu.com/2294.html

4、We have started using Authenticode to sign our Windows executables and installer.文章源自堕落的鱼-https://www.duoluodeyu.com/2294.html

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